La Justina Patagonian Cellar

Our Cellar is located in San Patricio del Chañar, in Neuquén province. It has a production capacity of 1.5 million liters, and a gravity-flow construction with slopes that favour quality grapes. Its structure is designed based on mountainous shapes, and is reminiscent of the ancient sea that was once there.

The red wines are fermented in small volume, truncated-cone, stainless steel tanks that boost colors, aromas and tannins. There is also a wine cellar with a 500 barrel capacity and refrigerated masonry pools that guarantee an ideal temperature during fermentation.

Patagonian "Terroir"

Neuquen "San Patricio del Chañar". Soil + weather +geomorphology and cellar’s location ,makes a unique ,prestige and perfectly combines of all these elements to produce a product of superior quality.

The area is known for its impressive landscapes, mountains, lakes, rivers, plateaus, and valleys which connect you with nature at its most pristine.

The wide temperature range in the vines’ ripening stage became a natural atribuite and unique aspect.

The soil’s.. alluvial and rocky corners, luminosity, scarce rains and low humidity combine for a perfect setting for viticulture.

The clear skies and fresh air of the Argentine Patagonia, along with the winds’ whispers on their journey through the Andean mountains and the Atlantic Ocean make this place the perfect setting for the brand’s characteristic rigor and excellence.


The vines show an intense color. The harmony of the skin’s thickness, captivating aromas, and acidity level’s are the result of the relationship between latitude and range. The region’s own natural equilibrium produces grapes with a greater concentration of tartaric acid and a pleasant sense of freshness in our wines.