Wine tasting

Custom wine tastings

Our wine tastings are oriented towards individuals who wish to experience all the different sensations brought by each and every drop of this gracious drink. Tastings can comprise 6 to 15 varietals, include the best labels of the Argentine region, and can be held in businesses, homes, bars and restaurants. The wines are joined by carefully selected pairings to achieve a harmonious palate. Every instance of the tasting session is an adventure, endeavoring to sense and express the colors, flavors, temperatures, intensities, and qualities of each varietal. Tasting becomes an art form with the guide of Justina, a wine expert, whose passion and love of good living takes you on a journey towards new paradigms and new trends in wine pairings and the wine market.

Wine consulting.


We offer advice to restaurants, wine shops, wine collections, and individuals on the purchase of wines. As a sommelier, Justina also trains domestic and international merchants.

Wine upgrade.

Premium Boutique

Our offer consists of an exclusive selection of premium boutique wines and limited editions. We are oriented towards a niche that is characterized for its passion for wine and the sensations it awakens. The service consists of a minimum of 18 bottles and a maximum of 360.

Wine export.

Premium Door to Door

This is a service for foreigners and expats who which to enjoy the best Argentinean wine in their homes. For this we select the most representative and exclusive wine of Argentina included in the LJW&S Luxuri Carte.