Arizona: ends 3/28/2023 1pm ETComing Soon! Surplus Vehicle Sales Program. Any dispute which cannot be resolved by the Contractor may be directed to: Contracting Officer, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Office of Procurement, Suite 1310 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20229. 29. (iv) ASSET REQUIRES A DEPOSIT: If the Bidder's bids show Pending and the asset is not deemed salvage as mentioned in section (ii) or in negative standing as mentioned in (i), then the asset requires a pre-bid deposit. The buyer essentially signs their own property release (like they normally would with any other vehicle) and must provide a letter or email of the company in bond's written authorization for them to remove the asset. Watching. Marshals Auctions | Salvage Auctions | Export Auctions, General Online Auction Info | General Live Auction Info | Frequently Asked Questions| Sign up for email alerts, Press & News Coverage| Request Duplicate Title | Removal Extension Request| Technical Assistance|SubmitFeedback, Copyright- RBEX Inc dba Apple Towing Co. auctions conducted by Apple Auctioneering Co.- All Rights Reserved, Intellectual Property Statement|Licensing|Accessibility Policy| English | Spanish, Public Online Auction: ends 3/28/2023 11am ET, In the menu bar, create an account by clicking, Once your account has been created select the auction that you wish to participate in by clicking on the title of the auction or by clicking the, Once registered, select the lot you wish to place a bid on. Passenger cars are the most commonly sold, but SUVs, hybrid cars, pickup trucks, RVs, boats, motorcycles, classic cars, and heavy trucks are all auctioned off across the US on a weekly basis. Failure to inspect shall not constitute cause for cancellation of the sale. All emissions/ smog-related repairs are the sole responsibility of the Buyer. K3500, 2012 The State Patrol lettering and flying wheel logo proudly fill the entire door on the 1949 Ford Tudor. Military Vehicles Super Site, 6x6, army military trucks,Buy humvees, surplus construction equipment, vehicles, trailers and more. 3) Enter the preview area with any large bags. The Auction Company's subcontractor may not act as agent for a third party in purchasing Seller property that is or has been in their custody or control. REGISTRATION (b) ACCOUNT INFORMATION). The border security patrol occasionally uses other vehicles besides SUV's and trucks. PROHIBITED BIDDER: REQUIREMENTS TO COMPLY WITH APPLICABLE LAWS: REQUIREMENTS TO COMPLY WITH APPLICABLE LAWS: The vehicles being auctioned may be subject to open recall notices. Description: Used 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe Special Service with 4WD, Towing Package, Keyless Entry, Trailer Hitch, Running Boards, Bucket Seats, Alloy Wheels, Rear Air Conditioning, and Vinyl Seats 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe Special Service 11 Photos Price: $14,995 $249/mo est. To participate in the vehicle disposal auctions featuring the State's used vehicles, visit our webpage, which hosts weekly auctions with all the convenience you have come to expect with these types of services. Used Government Surplus for sale in Texas. . Failure to mention or absence of notice does not imply that a vehicle does not have an open safety recall and does not constitute any warranty, guarantee, or refund. the DEA, FBI, or other government agencies when seized due to illegal actions by owners. Rare, individual and stylish vehicles are found at classic car auctions. Typical reasons for pending bids are as follows: First-Time Bidder:New accounts or first-time bidders that have never participated in our auctions will be thoroughly analyzed and vetted. (f) BIDDER ACCOUNT CANCELLATION: Auction Company reserves the right to suspend or revoke Buyer's bidding privileges for any reason or no reason at all with or without notice. Please contact our sales department at : (c) UNACCEPTABLE PAYMENT METHODS: No personal, business, or private issued checks, bank letters, credit/debit cards, money orders, or letters of credit will be accepted. The term "Auction" refers to the Seller's auction event presented by the Auction Company. $581,789. Go. (iii) EXPORTS: RELEASE & REMOVAL: It is the buyer's responsibility to arrange the shipping and have the property removed prior to the removal deadline. There are 3 more skins for vehicles that you can download from here: Please watch the Auctions closing time stop-clock to determine exactly when the lot will close. Detached villa on 3 floors, with GARAGE for 5 cars. 4. Late registrations on the morning of the auction may not be accepted. 4) Check temperature of the A/C. FORD The Desert Patrol Vehicle first saw action in Operation Desert Storm. at the time of property release. Rental companies replace their fleet yearly which sends a very large stream of late model vehicles to auction. The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer that seized the property should have forwarded the case to the appropriate supervisor for approval within 24 hours. MCCD Regulations Compliance. You may click the"Bid (amount here)"button for a one time bid, or enter your"Maximum Auto Bid"by selecting the lot and physically typing in the highest you are willing to bid for that item. WAS FIXED AND INSPECTED THOROUGHLY THROUGH HIGHWAY PATROL, DEEMED GOOD FOR THE ROAD AND HAS BEEN DRIVEN ON THE RO * ALG Residual Value Awards * 2017 10 Most Comfortable Cars Under $30,000 VEHICLE IS PRICED BELOW MARKET SAVE BIG!! The placement of a successful bid at Seller's Auction establishes a legally binding contract between the successful High Bidder (Buyer) and the Seller. Contact MSV. You've won! TECHNICAL BIDDING DETAILS: High Bidder will only pay one increment more than the competing Bidder. (a) BUYER'S PREMIUM: There is no Buyer's Premium. (v) EXPORTS: VEHICLE TITLE: BUYER BEWARE: Purchasers of "Export Only" property will receive a bill of sale only. ITEMS ADDED OR DELETED FROM THE SALE: Convenience Fea registered as a bus so in Ohio it must be inspected by the State Highway Patrol.- It did not pass inspection in 2002 (last time used) but w outlaws, but this police machine wears it with extra dignity. Cheers. Preview after the authorized date/time is not available. All Property in a lot must be released to the original High Bidder at one time. Texas (1,197 mi away) Online Auction. If the minimum reserve price is not achieved, the Seller may withdraw the goods at any time. Buyer must present a photo I.D. Direct all unresolved complaints to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P.O. (i) FIRST-TIME BIDDER: New accounts or first-time bidders that have never participated in our auctions will be thoroughly analyzed and vetted (See 5. Buy Now. Further, in the event of the occurrence of a technical difficulty during an Auction, Auction Company, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to: (i) declare a Property sold, (ii) postpone or cancel the Auction, (iii) extend the bidding time for the Auction (which may re-open bidding on closed items, if any) and/or (iv) re-list the Property for auction at another date and time. Highway patrol cars - Used Cars Highway patrol cars for Sale ( Price from $1495.00 to $89500.00) 6-25 of 48 cars Sort by Date (recent) On page 20 1954 Buick Roadmaster 2 Door 322/200HP V8 Hardtop Torrance, CA 90501, USA A "Soft Close" means that if any bid is placed within the last three (3) minutes of the close of the Auction, the bid will automatically extend the closing time an additional three (3) minutes. Your Location: Boydton, US. CHRYSLER Prices for a used Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle currently range from $4,500 to $15,000, with vehicle mileage ranging from 31,189 to 130,839. If a bidder has a negative score, he or she may not be able to bid with other auctioneers on the Hibid platform. DODGE Feature Article: Robot Dogs Take Another Step Towards Deployment at the Border Release Date: February 1, 2022 The American Southwest is a region that blends a harsh landscape, temperature extremes and various other non-environmental threats that can create dangerous obstacles for those who patrol the border. 2017 Arctic Cat HDX 700 4x4 Utility Vehicle. If the Bidder is registering as a business entity, the Bidder represents that they have the authority to bind the entity to these Terms & Conditions. (c) DATES & TIMES: Preview is by appointment only made directly with the Authorized Agent. Once the Auction Company receives approval from the Seller, the Bidder will receive an email notification that the bid has been approved or denied. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to have thoroughly inspected the property and to have satisfied him or her as to its condition and value and to bid based upon that judgment solely. Texas: ends 3/28/2023 12pm ET Coming Soon! Thanks for your help in finding my new car, I appreciate it. Please note the expiration on the smog certificate. 11. CHEVROLET (b) SALES TAX: No tax will be collected by the Auction Company on any lot located outside of Arizona. Removal is by appointment only and should be made by the buyer with the storage vendor only after buyer has received the necessary Property Release document along with the completed/ approved Form 7512. If any portion of these Terms & Conditions is deemed unlawful, void, or unenforceable, that portion will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions. This document serves as a proof of purchase and is not a title. The 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV PPV is full of Patrol-friendly features. Placing a "Maximum Auto Bid":Please be aware that when placing your "Maximum Bid", the website will bid on the Bidder's behalf at the preset bid increment until the Bidders "Maximum bid" is exceeded. Buyer assumes full responsibility to identify such recalls and will refrain from re-using or selling any part subject to such safety recalls. F450, 2019 The auction company will be seeking final approval from the U.S. Customs & Border Protection on all lots at this time. Removal is at the expense, liability, and risk of the buyer. Click on the"Register to Bid"button. In no event shall Seller be liable to Bidder for any other actual, punitive, speculative, or consequential damages, nor shall Bidder be entitled to bring a claim to enforce specific performance of the Terms and Conditions and the Contract. for sale in Brighton, WY Vehicle Description 2012 Ford F-150_ F150_ f150_ F 150_ SVT Raptor RAPTOR, border patrol, 4x4 SVT Drive Our Reputation! If a bidder has a negative score, he or she may not be able to bid with other auctioneers on the Hibid platform. ee Section (6) of the Terms & Conditions for step-by-step deposit instructions. ) In addition, onsite payment will not be accepted. has been in a private collection GET IT SHIPPED Free Auto Shipping Quote: 1956 Dodge Custom Royal D-500 Four Door Sedan: Colors: Coral, Charcoal, White Showing 91,000 miles This car has the rare D-500 option. Asset Requires a Deposit:When a deposit is required, see Section (6) of the Terms & Conditions for step-by-step deposit instructions. (c) TIE BID PRECEDENCE: In the event of a tie bid, precedence is given to the earliest bid. Seller and Auction Company reserve the right to add or delete Property to or from the Auction at any time. The Auction Company's subcontractor may not act as agent for a third party in purchasing Seller property that is or has been in their custody or control. It is the Bidder's responsibility to resubmit a new license upon renewal to avoid Pending bids. DISPUTES: You may click the. 20. (c) DEADLINE: It is the sole responsibility of the Buyer to remove the purchased Property by the Removal Date. 4) provide their opinion on the value of the vehicle, or what they believe it will sell for at auction. This was one of the very first of the 'muscle cars' which heavy duty racing clutch and cable B&M short shift. CHAMPION (ii) Bidders ARE NOT authorized to 1) Excessively rev the engine. Trusted Seller. DISCLAIMER DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES AND INTERNET ISSUES: Auction Company has made every reasonable effort to facilitate online bidding. January 2, 2004 - July 8, 2010 RS21698. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Universities & other education institutions. Rental companies rely on auto auctions to quickly sell these vehicles and the cars are generally well maintained. Purchases are "As-Is, Where-Is.". The decision of Auction Company on this matter shall be final. Property is available for inspection only at places and times specified by the Seller and/or Auction Company and notated in each asset's description. During times when a small area needs to be investigated, a border security patrol agent may even use a horse. 3. We carry and supply a large inventory of various years and models anywhere in the US. FORD This Polaris package provides law enforcement capability for remote urban or off-road settings for up to 6 passengers. It is very important that the titles be transferred with your localtax office immediately upon receipt. Find Government Seized & Surplus Vehicles (Cars, Autos, Motorcycles) in Texas (TX) for auction/sale in El Paso, Houston, El Paso, Brady, Fort Worth, Austin, Uvalde, El Paso including Seized Vehicles, Surplus Military Vehicles, Police Vehicles, Postal Vehicles, Buses, Fire Trucks, and More . Near downtown El Paso, Border Patrol agents in green-and-white SUVs wait a few hundred yards apart along the 18-foot fence separating the city from the Rio Grande. CIVICGXNGV, 2018 The liquidated damages specified herein are not penalties, but a reasonable estimate of the cost: (i) to Seller due to pulling the Property from the Auction, if required, and (ii) to Bidder concerning the lost transaction. ELIGIBILITY OF BIDDER: Bidder acknowledges that certain persons are individuals prohibited from purchasing assets from Seller and that under certain circumstances Seller will not sell assets to certain individualsor affiliates. Please note: these assets will remain in the name of the defendant in which they were seized, until the titles are processed with the state. Buyers are responsible for obtaining and complying with all export requirements. Used Chevrolet Tahoe Police for Sale: 150 Cars from $6,500 - Home > Cars for Sale > Chevrolet Tahoe > Used Chevrolet Tahoe Police for Sale Used Chevrolet Tahoe Police for Sale Zip Code Radius Make Model Year to Trim Police Price to Mileage to Dealer Rating Any or more or more or more or more or more More Filters Recent Studies This 1938 DeLuxe Tudor is shown with the patrolman's traveling gear, including ax, shotgun, gas, oil, and lantern. The username and password that is created will be utilized for all future online auctions. Note the twin spotlights and flasher-siren mounted on the leading edge of the roof. Typically body shops, auto recyclers . All Rights Reserved. The SF-97 supersedes the prior title directly into the purchaser's name once processed by the state. -302 highway patrol 5.0 motor. Bid online, buy now or make an offer, equipped for bug out situations, natural disasters, civil unrest, enemy invaders, Survival and rescue operations, Most vehicles with expired leases are only 2-3 years old and, due to penalties for excessive use by lessees, they often have relatively low mileage. So much of this process is play acting. However, it is possible that technical difficulties and internet issues may arise that affect Auction Company's website, bidding platform, computer, server or the Bidder's computer, personal device or software which is beyond the control of Auction Company. Auctions are easier than I thought and I saved good cash. 2) Excessively turn the volume up on the stereo system. The images of Border Patrol agents on horseback confronting Haitian migrants in Del Rio, Texas has put scrutiny on the appropriate use of mounted units by law enforcement agencies.. White House . F450, 2017 No partial release of any lots. Auction Company accepts no responsibility for loss of connectivity, technical difficulties, or any other circumstances beyond our control. E350 CV, 2012 U.S. Customs & Border Protectionseized vehicle auctions conductedalong our nation's Southern border. were now nearly level with the fenders and headlights, giving the cars a much cleaner and more modern stance, yet the family resemblance wa where they were well suited for high speed pursuits. Select the auction you wish to participate in. (ii) IDENTIFICATION: Buyer must present a photo I.D. A copy of the Buyer's ID is required. 30. PAPERWORK PROCESSING: Bidders are warned against bidding on any lot(s) based solely on the sample displayed or based on photographs. F250, 2017 F150, 2015 Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain | 5 Bed, 6 Bath Villa For Sale | 2,800,000 - 575m2 of PLOT. Bidders accrue points placing bids and registering for auctions. TOYOTA Effective June 1, 2015, the daily limit per credit card account is $24,999.99. The buyer either needs to name this 3rd party directly on the Release Authorization section of the Property Release Form or may name the bonded company. 2003 Ford F-350 XL Super Duty 4x4 Pickup. With IronClad Assurance. 1500, 2014 25. Helpful links:;; Notice on Arizona lots only: Auction Company must collect the state, county, and city sales tax from Arizona residents depending on asset location unless an Arizona Resale Certificate (Arizona Form 5000A) is provided during checkout. For breach of any of these warranties, the Seller may terminate these Terms and Conditions and the Contract without liability and may pursue any other sanctions provided by law. formerly owned by the kansas highway patrol. Please note there will not be a "Reserve Met" or "Reserve Not Met" disclosure during the Auction. Apple Towing | Apple Auctioneering Co. and the United States Customs & Border Protection. Bidder #2 places a max bid at Seven-thousand Dollars ($7,000.00). We were still thinking about this when the Border Patrol vehicles re-emerged from the woods, carrying about 14 people accused of crossing the border. Virtually any vehicle can be bought at a US government auction. If the Bidder provides any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, or Auction Company has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, Auction Company has the right to suspend or terminate the account and refuse any or all current or future participation. CHEVROLET Bidder #2 is immediately outbid by the Ten-thousand Dollar ($10,000.00) max bid and the high bid immediately adjusts to Seven-thousand and twenty-five Dollars ($7,025.00). DURANGOSSV, 2015 Sale of government or police vehicles can also come under this category. We are the #1source for used police package vehicles to thousands of satisfied customers nation wide. All questions or disputes regarding High Bidder, lot identity, price or quantity must be resolved immediately upon the sale of said lot. GSA Fleet Vehicle Sales Please login to continue IMPORTANT NOTICE Effective June 1, 2015, the daily limit per credit card account is $24,999.99. We also have limited quantities of late model light duty trucks for sale. Start with the proven RANGER CREW XP 1000 EPS model that comes standard with power steering and add custom graphics, standard emergency light kit, siren and PA system, glass . 28. Border . Any dispute which cannot be resolved by the Auction Company may be directed to the Seller. Removal is at the expense, liability, and risk of the High Bidder. In addition, the Seller and/or the Auction Company retains the right to reject any bids for any reason or to make counter offers or accept back up offers at their sole discretion. (b) GENERAL INFORMATION: Bidders are urged to inspect the Property prior to bidding. This feature protects Bidders from being outbid without the opportunity to be notified, and therefore allows a Bidder to place another bid before the close of the Auction. The transaction shall be null and void as to the High Bidder. US $5,000. MCCD Overweight Citations. EXPLORER, 2013 Moonroof, Nav System, Heated Leather Seats, Third Row Seat, 4x4, Running Boards, Premium Sound System, LE PATROL PKG, (U01) LE NAVIGATION PKG, Aluminum Wheels, Hitch. If the bonded company on the 7512 form contracts the buyer to remove the asset, then they may remove their own vehicle, but the bonded company must provide authorization for them to do so. Prisoner PARTITION for Police Dept. 10. Information on conditions is limited and subject to change without notice. 2328 of Commercial Code, Sec. Known and documented history fromnew. (1) The buyer is not able to remove an export only asset like they normally would with any other vehicle. COLORADO, 2014 The Super w Summary: Make - Lincoln, Model - Town Car, Price - $20,000 Seller Description: 2007 Lincoln town car limo. It is the High Bidder's responsibility to arrange the shipping of the Property. Browse through our 19 Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle listings to compare deals and get the best price for your next car. . No other diversion allowed. Items to be auctioned include jewelry, computer equipment . good value $455 below $15,450 CARFAX Value Accident Reported CARFAX 1-Owner Minimum bid amounts, when indicated, shall be applicable. 3 Beds 2 Baths 1291.67 ft. Top 9. It is recommended that you contact your local CBP office or engage the services of a customs broker or bonded carrier for further information. Vehicle was used in rough terrain. Practices that eliminate competition, such as collusive bidding may warrant criminal, civil, or administrative action against the participant and may be referred to the Seller. 3) provide specific details on engine types, specifications, or modifications. The term "Auction Company" refers to RBEX Inc dba Apple Towing Co./Apple Auctioneering Co. FORD Prisoner Transport Vans for Law Enforcement Driverge manufactures prisoner vans and border patrol vehicles that are secure, safe, and dependable. REGISTRATION (b) ACCOUNT INFORMATION). The SF-97, which is usually provided for vehicle purchases from the United States, supersedes ownership records for vehicles that are in the Department of Motor Vehicle database (in the United States). Sellers of salvage vehicles must, by law, disclose any major mechanical or structural faults at auction. Highway Patrol 551 Certified Rebuilt Title. DEFINITIONS: Branded titles and odometer discrepancies, when known, are announced, included in the description, or noted on the vehicle. Congress has expressed a great deal of interest in using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to surveil the United States' international land border. 5) Use a paint meter magnet to test the thickness of the paint (not provided by Authorized Agent). NO GUARANTEE AS TO THE ACCURACY OF THE DESCRIPTION IS MADE. It is recommended that purchasers engage the services of a broker or Customs bonded carrier if they are unfamiliar with export requirements. The best method to screen out police cars for sale from the standard used autos is to look for it . (i) VEHICLE TITLE: Purchasers will receive a government Standard Form 97 (Certificate to Obtain Title) which they will take to their local Department of Motor Vehicles to transfer ownership. Make Offer. Due to the large volume of these off-lease vehicles, auctions provide the most effective manner to quickly sell off these vehicles. $115/mo. The term "Authorized Agent" refers to RBEX Inc dba Apple Towing Co./Apple Auctioneering Co.'s prime contractors, sub-contractors and other authorized parties. Because "Export Only" property cannot be registered, used, resold, or enter the commerce of the United States or its territories, the SF-97 cannot be processed to obtain a title. LIMITATION OF SELLER'S LIABILITY: Once documents are signed by the buyer, Property Release documents will be emailed to the buyer as well as the storage vendor.

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